rocking3Dmetal, this is our Manifesto.

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What are we doing here?
We want to create a community.
We want to disclose and provide information about Metal Additive Manufacturing, and have them circulating.
We want to hear back from you about this incredible technology, referring to your doubts, curiosities, issues and problems you are facing in your everyday life.

Even though Additive Manufacturing is considered the hype of the last two years, we believe that there is still confusion, a bad flow of information and inappropriate know-how.
It can be considered the third or fourth Industrial Revolution, with the digital world becoming part of our everyday life.
This technology is changing the way of manufacturing: industries are remodeling how they make products, with the design following as well, being the input in this process.

This is not science fiction, this is reality.
You have an idea, you turn it into a digital file, you upload it in a 3D printer that generates the item layer by layer.
In this blog we want to talk about this, with our eyes on one specific material: we will talk about Metal!

The additive manufacturing world is widening and therefore the need to differetiate.
We will focus on metal, hoping to be able to connect people with the same needs, interests and problems, but we will also keep you updated on all those Additive Manufacturing news worth to be mentioned.
We want to create a community that shares information, problems and related solutions, know-how, competences, Intellectual Property … we are here to hear all you stories and to discover with you Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Featured image by courtesy of Nuovi Gioielli srl.

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