Min Wu: go for the unexplored.


This last weekend Origin Passion and Beliefs 2015 has become an incredible playground for designers and manufactures. As a meeting point, both worlds have been exploiting the chance to discover, to learn and to plan for the future. That’s how we bumped into womenswear designer Min Wu, one out of just 100 designers especially selected by Not Just a Label to attend.

3dmetal min wu

Born in China, Min is now based in London after graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2013. Consistently with her style, Min is endlessly intrigued by how new technologies have a huge impact in today’s and tomorrow’s fashion environment. Already experienced with plastic 3dprinting tecniques, she has been charmed by 3dmetal printing and the opportunities it can offer. We had the pleasure to share some thoughts while at the Sisma booth (TH122):

“My design is more or less doing something with each material that can only be achieved by that specific material, and nothing else. The 3dprinting technique is not that new now, but until recently you couldn’t print directly in metal. 3dmetal printing is inspiring for me, a tool to build something that can only be done that way, and not with any other process.Working in the fashion business where you are constantly on a schedule, and dealing with deadlines on projects,  having the chance to save some time on the production makes it a lot easier, because then you can focus on the designs and experiment much more.”

Min Wu has been already working with plastic 3dprinting, and has some tips on designing when it comes to this innovative methods:

“Of course you need to understand the process, how it works, and the material you are considering. Beside that, you don’t need much more competencies, as long as you are working with people who can fully express your design. In my experience it’s foundamental not to apprach 3dprinting trying to develop something that has been done already with traditional techniques, that would be waisting its true meaning. Go for the new, go for the unexplored.”

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