A perfect circle: metal 3D printed dental.

One of the many applications of metal 3D printing is the dental sector, where the Laser Metal Fusion technology allows to combine perfectly its peculiarity of personalization and high speed production with the needs of the dental professionals.

By courtesy of Sisma Spa.

If with the lost wax method used in the past it was difficult to maintain the production level given a relevant request – as explained by Jobst Ullrich, Dental Sales Manager of Sisma Group – today with the Laser Metal Fusion technology we can proceed with the production of crowns, bridges, abutments and partial frameworks, thus high precision biocompatible structures in CrCo, mechanically excellent, that thanks to this technology are guaranteed in repeatability and constancy over time.

Today, the circuit in which this production system is placed is perfectly closed in digital (it starts from the scan and it ends with the piece out of the machine), the only phase that needs to be addressed manually is the finishing, that is performed by a craftsman.

By splitting into phases what typically happens in an ideal path, we can identify the following actors:

1) The dentist who performs the oral scan which is certainly productive and efficient, able to exclude any type of human error related to the operator and ready just in hours.
2) The dental laboratory equipped with CAD CAM technologies, that receives the file and develops the design of the structure.
3) The file is loaded into a metal 3D printer from which we can get a semi-finished product that needs certain post printing procedure (e.g. sandblasting, polishing).
4) The dental laboratory verifies the accuracy of the piece and proceeds to a possible work of manual adaptation.
5) The dental piece is then tested and inserted directly on the patient.


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