Auralma Design: when it calls for a challenge.

As a designer having a chance to touch and hold what a few hours before was just an idea is probably one of the most inspiring experiences, even more if the project actually involves some innovative and groundbreaking technologies.
And when it calls for a challenge, of course.
Laura of Auralma Design enthusiastically accepted to dare straight forward, and has been facing with success the possibility to see one of her gorgeous rings realized in gold, thanks to the Laser Metal Fusion technology and Sisma MySint 3D metal printer.

The design of the ring Anemone has been quite of a bet itself.
Inspired by the organic outlines and the sinuosity of marine creatures like corals and anemones, it has been fundamental for Laura being able to define the ultimate feeling of a stunning and floating silhouette which clearly understands, follows but most importantly benefits from the role of metal 3Dprinting.

Balancing creativity and feasibility has been essential since the early stages.
Being able to keep under control each and every step from the first sketch to the final result has been fundamental for Laura, the mastermind behind the whole project, and the Sisma Technical Engineers respectively. The interaction properly mingled a substantial formal complexity and the aesthetic pleasantness with enough manageability both in printing and finishing.

rocking3Dmetal – How did you find yourself working on this project?
Laura- Once defined the main shape I would have been working on, I don’t think I had to face big obstacles. Speaking with the Engineers at Sisma has been incredibly helpful to understand and improve a design that perfectly interfaces with the technology and optimizes the supports phase and the process, in order to have the best finishing results.

r3Dm – What would you suggest to someone willing to begin with the design of 3D Metal printables?
L- I’d suggest doing a lot of research on what it’s produced now with 3D printing in the specific area of interest; this in order to understand where the market is moving and what it’s worth of being proposed or not. I’d recommend learning to use a software to design 3D models very well in order to be autonomous as much as it’s possible in the management of the project, to interact continuously with the Technicians and the Operators who manage the printing to understand and address any critical area. A design project is valid if it is aesthetically pleasant, but also feasible and manageable in production.

r3Dm – What are then the advantages of using the Laser Metal Fusion Technology instead of going with the traditional ones?
L- Definitley the results you get: a solid, homogeneous metal piece with high mechanical characteristics and without porosity in its entirety. The possibility of realizing very complex designs, sometimes impossible to achieve manually and also the speed of direct printing in metal, which allows to have a final item that only requires surface finishing. For example the ring Anemone took only a limited amount of time to be printed out with Sisma MySint; definitely a remarkable achievement probably impossible to reach with any traditional technique (e.g. investment casting) and even so we would have to make a bet on the implementation time and the quality of the final result.

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