C.HAFNER PlatinGold powder and SISMA MYSINT 100 PM: a winning team

C. HAFNER and SISMA developed the process of Laser Metal Fusion (LMF) with precious metal powders for an industrial production of jewellery and watch series within a partnership, using the world’s finest platinum powder for 3D metal printing.

SISMA and C.HAFNER join forces
When it comes to reach a very successful production, it is important to adjust the precious metal powders, the MYSINT 100 LMF machine and the process parameters. Highest densities and physical properties as of cast products are warranted if these components –powders, machine and parameters – are optimized one to each other. And this is where the SISMA – C. HAFNER partnership blended in their mastering of the elements.

Behind the scenes: PlatinGold‘s sophisticated production process and MYSINT 100 PM
C. HAFNER’s powder production is based on a sophisticated, state of the art atomizer embedded in a reliable powder metallurgy infrastructure. All the productive process, including accredited analytics, is focused on the needs of precious metals. This unique combination allows the supply of precious metal powders with an unrivaled quality with regard to purity, sphericity and consistency.

MYSINT 100 PM is a cutting-edge 3D printer specifically designed for the jewellery market. This machine can handle precious metal powders such as platinum, gold and silver to obtain high-complexity elements.

The quality level obtained sets a new standard. Joining forces, SISMA and C. HAFNER are at the forefront of laser metal fusion technology for the production of 3D printed jewellery. The completely digitalized process from powder to the final product ensures highest material efficiency, consistency and quality at a time!

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