A think tank talk: designing with handicraft heritage.

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Last Sunday afternoon designers Carla Fernandez, Bliss Lau, Andrea Kolb (Founder of Abury) as well as Demelza Galica gathered together in the forum, at Origin Passion and Beliefs 2015. The quartet joined designers, suppliers and visitors in an exciting think tank talk about the present and the future of designing with handicraft heritage, in particular exploring how the path from the design to the artisan is now more and more deviating toward the manufacturer.

Trying to summarize the whole event just in a single post would be incredibly reductive and incomprehensive, rather we prefer giving you some key concepts that arose from the conversation, and that we can relate a lot to the 3dmetal printing landscape as an inspiration for the days to come.

New technologies represent the opportunity to walk away and not to be locked in what you are used to do, both in terms of designs and materials.”

When working with an artisan his/her expertise is so relevant that we can basically talk about a collaboration. Turning to a manufacturer, and therefore to the new ways of producing things through some of the most innovative technologies, gives you exactly what you want, but being able to demonstrate who has made it: definitely a strong tool.


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