Get ready to think big – Formnext 2016

Back on track, it’s been an incredible Formnext 2016. The international exhibition and conference on the next generation of manufacturing technologies has been again such a great breeze of 3D news this year.

We landed just in time to attend the official launch of the brand new metal 3D printer mysint300 by Sisma. The company begun already in 2011 with the development of the LMF (Laser Metal Fusion) project, the additive manufacturing process that uses a high power laser beam to realize three-dimensional metal objects through the fusion of thin layers of metallic powder, and presented its first 3D printer mysint100 already in 2014.
Sisma cought the opportunity, offered by such an international platform as Formnext, to unveil its latest model mysint300, widening its range of metal 3D printers and offering the possibility of an increased building volume (⌀300 x h400 mm).

mysint300 is a user-adjustable system where each machining parameter can be set by the end-user, designed to ensure the best reliability in the production of small series and medium sized pieces. The patented tilting coater allows a notable reduction of the recoating time, thus significantly improving the productivity: a simple mechanism that ensures repeatability and stability of the process. Thanks to the removable cylinders the metal powder recharge is fast and easy, while the cycle restarting time is lowered to its minimum. The circular shape of the platform prevents any dispersion of the powder and the machine comes with a long life dedicated filter, which reduces the maintenance required.
When mysint300 is in function it does not require the assistance of any operator, nor for the supply nor for the unloading of the metal powder, managing it automatically (also when exploiting the maximum building volume). At the end of the process, the metal powder and piece unloading can be assisted by an optional unpacking station.

Besides the lauch of mysint300, Sisma showcased a whole range of Laser Metal Fusion and Laser Stereolithography solutions, in a sleek and updated new design.

sisma booth formnext
mysint100 RM
mysint100 PM
-sint&mill (patented process)


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