This first half of 2017: focus on dental 3D printing events

3D printing in the dental industry: a strategic partnership

In the dental market, metal and resin 3D printing applications are generating great interest all over the world. Two major events dedicated to the dental industry, such as the International Dental-Schau in Cologne and Expodental Meeting in Rimini, have confirmed this positive trend in the first half of 2017.

IDS 2017

IDS 2017 has beaten every record with over 2300 exhibitors distributed over a huge 163,000 square feet area. With over 155,000 visitors against the 120,000 expected, the show was a great success. Compared to previous years, the sights of IDS exhibitors and visitors are set on shifting from milling machines to 3D printers. Indeed, additive manufacturing systems can generate metal and thermoplastic resin prostheses within a shorter period of time, with better results. At Sisma’s booth visitors discovered innovative new products such as MYSINT 100 Dual Laser, officially unveiled at IDS 2017. Among others, we’ve seen the advanced MYREV 140 SLA 3D printer for thermoplastic resins and the combined Sint&Mill patented system.

Rimini Expodental Meeting 2017

Expodental Meeting 2017 took place in Rimini (Italy) and stood out as one of the main dental exhibitions in Southern Europe. The show was the perfect occasion to showcase new applications, in a constantly evolving scenario where companies look with interest at emerging dental 3D printing technologies. Sisma, strong of its experience in advanced manufacturing systems, exposed the finest Sisma’s dental 3D printing machines like MYSINT 100 Dual Laser and MYREV 140. Both systems combine high accuracy and fast production cycles,  crucial characteristics in the dental industry.

Sisma MYSINT 100 Dual Laser

Specifically developed for the dental sector, MYSINT 100 Dual Laser is a professional metal 3D printer improved with two laser sources, which increase the productivity up to 80% compared to MYSINT 100. The increased production speed allows to reach an extreme flexibility, pushing forward the deadline for overnight deliveries.

Sisma Sint&Mill patented process

Sint&Mill is a patented system for cnc milling of dental elements created through 3D printing. The process includes the supply of hardware, software, and the transfer of technology to bring the dental elements at specific required mechanical tolerances, combining additive manufacturing and subtractive manufacturing.

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