International Conference on Additive Manufacturing – Emo Milano 2015

We have been at EMO Milan last week, the world machine tool exhibition Promoted by CECIMO, European Association of the Machine Tool Industries, that runs every two years in Hannover and Milan alternatively.

Within the many conferences held at the exhibition thoughout 6 full days, we got particularly interested by the “International conference on Additive Manufacturing” on the day two (October the 6th), at the Convention Center Stella Polare.

The conference involved worldwide speakers from the industrial and academic world of the likes of CECIMO, AITA, Fraunhofer, Politecnico di Milano, Siemens, Hybrid Manufacturing Technology Ltd, Avio Aero, Comau, Prima Industrie, ADDIMAT, IBARMIA, Eth Swissmem Association, ASTM and EOS that presented the perspectives of Additive Technologies in the manufacturing landscape.

Of the many, many topics touched by this conference we would like to highlight those that are very close to us, both in space and time, to our reality of Metal Additive Manufacturing explorers:

  • The European Union today does not have a common strategic approach to the Additive Manufacturing, even though maintaining its leadership on the technology worlwide: working on a shared vision together with Cecimo and Ucimu (Italian Machine Tool, Robots, Automation systems and Ancillary products Manufacturers’ Association) shall be the next step to be.
  • The rise of the Hybrid Manufacturing: the Additive Manufacturing technology as a real and effective integration of the traditional manufacturing process.
  • The vision where the Additive Manufacturing is providing an added value to the product just because “3D printed” must be adressed correctly and consistently with the enormous possibilities offered by this technology: the added value must be found somewhere in one or more of the many steps from the prototiping to the finished object.

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