Vicenzaoro 2016: Trendvision+forecast and the Jewelry Technology Forum

It’s been an intense week at the Vicenzaoro 2016 exhibition, and within the many events hosted at the multiple venues, we managed to grab a chance to look around at the most innovative metal additive manufacturing topics.

Two in particular got us involved on the matter:

-Trendvision Jewellery+Forecasting
-The Jewelry Technology Forum (hosted by Legor Group)

The first conference has been superbly held by Paola de Luca that ran through many of the trends in jewellery currently out there, among the many, an interesting perspective has been thrown on how technology is key in the jewellery development and more in details how 3D printing perfectly suits the current need for personalization.

Jewelry Technology Forum

In the second conference the speakers went much deeper into the new approach of the jewelry sector to the new additive manufacturing technologies, pushing on the recent understandings of the market to the so called “limits” of the technology, switching the perspective and considering what it could have been perceived as a flaw at first sight as the ultimate enhancement of the design itself.

If you missed the Jewelry Technology Forum don’t worry, you can find all the presentations at the following link.

Jewelry Technology Forum


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