Make it flow: Nuovi Gioielli [part 2/2]

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Catching up from last week, here’s the second part  of “Make it flow: Nuovi Gioielli”: we had the great opportunity to chat a bit with Damiano, jewellery designer at Nuovi Gioielli and mastermind behind the amazing stainless steel 3dmetal printed watch previewed exclusively before EPHJ, that took place this week (2-5 June) in Genève.

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“To me what is most satisfying about the LMF technology is the absolute valorization of the design. Beyond the feasibility evaluation concerning production time and costs, you can really get rid of the bounding limits that you had with other technologies.”

Damiano is well aware of the meaning of approaching such an innovative technique, he explains clearly what’s the deal when it comes to claiming there are no limits: it means there’s the freedom of overcoming the limits already set by traditional techniques, which require to constantly check in between concept expectations and production results, necessarily having to outsource one or more of the production phases.

“As a designer, a physical perception of the object I am drawing is fundamental, and it won’t be reachable in any other way than actually holding the piece in my hands. Here is where the LMF technology breaks in allowing to bypass the time and the resources needed to obtain a comparable result, without the need of reaching out of the company thus protecting the design and the project itself. Nonetheless, if the project you are working on includes any assembly issue, you can exploit again the technology as a post manufacturing tool. I can build whatever accessory I need to proceed with following finishing processes (supports for milling or laser jobs, molds…), and it will be perfectly fitting the object I designed and the needs I have because I have total control over the process. In a nutshell: reduced costs for new ideas.”

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