3D printed metal fabric. Easy.

Do you remember the “Make it flow” (part 1 and part 2) posts of a few weeks ago?

Sit down and hold your breath, Damiano of Nuovi Gioielli Srl has been playing with his mysint way too much.

3d metal fabric

The project lays on the same idea behind the modules that made the watchband displayed during this last EPHJ 2015 in Genève, but pushing on dimensions to some very small extents.
The result is this incredible Rhodium-plated Bronze 3D printed metal fabric.

Holding in your hands this masterpiece of 3D printing really strikes a chord, delivering you how the huge potential of this technology has still to be fully understood and exploited: it perfectly shows how the designer represents the keystone in every single project, defining from the very first digital sketches a widening in the manufacturing landscape of “doing”, through unexplored and exciting possibilities.

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