Milano Design Week 2016

What a Milano Design Week!

After Synthesis in 2014 and Arthesis in 2015, this year we dug into the state of the art in 3D printing hardware, software and materials at the Fuorisalone Design Week Events.
In collaboration with the global 3D CAD software leader Autodesk and world leading Laser Metal Fusion 3D printer manufacturer Sisma, the MƎTHESIS event has demonstrated that the new era for metal 3D printed high-end, commercially viable design products is at hand.
On March 1st, 10 of the top designers in the world of 3D printing have been asked to envision a new generation of objects centred on the theme of “Objects for the Dinner Table”.
One month later, we are here to witness the concrete results of their vision. Not just a concept but a finished product, ready to be launched.
The original products were designed using Autodesk’s powerful Fusion 360 CAD software and 3D printed directly in metal (bronze) using Sisma’s unique Laser Metal Fusion mysint 100 3D Printer. The collection and the 3D printer has been on display during Milano’s Design Week Fuorisalone at the exclusive location in Via Tortona 20.
Participating Designers:

Alessandro Zambelli
Danit Peleg
Francis Bitonti
Igor Knezevic
Janne Kyttanen
Nick Ervinck
Riccardo Gatti

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