Never ending wonder @ Mido Milan 2016

Mido is the international Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology exhibition that offers cutting-edge products and technologies, previewing every year new lines and trends in the eyewear industry.

Frames for glasses and sunglasses, cases, contact lenses, equipments, tools, computer systems for optics are just some of the proposals at Mido, the event to discover out more about the optics world.

We enjoyed exploring the Tech exhibition area where technology and materials were the absolute main players: 140 exhibitors for a complete panorama of equipment and instruments for the eyewear industry. Leading-edge machinery, latest-generation materials and creativity as fundamental elements that lead to products of outstanding quality.

One wonder cought our attention among the others; at the Sisma booth they were displaying a metal 3D printed Titanium frame produced through the Laser Metal Fusion technology with a Sisma mysint 100.

Sisma sunglasses Mido

Looking at the bulding platform as it comes out of the machine you can basically get what this groundbreaking innovation is all about: every single piece has been 3D printed directly in Titanium during a sigle job in the machine, according to the 3D model developed by the designer.

Sisma Titanium Mido

The frame maintains its structural strenghts but it results weightless (only 23 g) because of the possibility to combine the highest personalization in the design with hollow structures, leading to the next level of product customization.


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