Make it flow: Nuovi Gioielli [part 1/2]

nuovi gioielli watch

Looking forward to attend to EPHJ in Genève this next week, we had the pleasure to visit one company who knows what people at EPHJ are craving for.  We drove up to Mussolente, minutes from Bassano del Grappa (Italy), to be welcomed by Damiano Carlesso, Jewellery Designer at Nuovi Gioielli Srl.

Damiano and his team are rocking 3Dmetal since 2013 already, when Nuovi Gioielli got its first 3dmetal printer.

The idea behind this project, exclusively designed by Damiano to represent the opening of new scenarios thanks to the Laser Metal Fusion technology, at the beginning was only to go with an amazing watchcase.  Here came the itchiness for a challenge: why not to design something more complex and complete, why not to go with a watchband also? Something dedicated, not realizable in any other way, either industrially or artisanally, because of the different dimensions and volumes of its elements: a solid that is not solid.

nuovi gioielli

What we are looking at is the extraordinary result of the outstanding application of the Laser Metal Fusion technology. Each watchband has been printed directly in Stainless Steel as a single flowing piece and ultimately joined to the case (3Dmetal printed as well, of course).

This project incorporates so many technical difficulties, starting from its assembly to its thicknesses and the calibration of its weight. Definitely something not achievable with CNC milling or any other traditional technique, that would require a substantial initial investment allowing just a limited capability of personalization, especially considering how much the geometries of this piece differ.

Damiano is proud to share his experience, thoughts and suggestions in the upcoming post. Stay tuned for the Part 2 on next week’s

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