Olgafacesrok, publicly at Origin-Passion and Beliefs.

3dmetal necklace olgafacesrok

We are currently taking part in Origin-Passion and Beliefs, happening in Vicenza (Italy) over this weekend, “where the pioneers of fashion meet the experts in Italian manufacturing”. Greatly supported by Not Just a Label, the world’s leading designer platform for showcasing and nurturing today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion, this is definitely a unique environment. We caught the chance to chat with some of the most innovative designers.

Slovenian duo Olgafacesrok is among NJAL’s selection of 100 attending this year.

olgafacesrok 3dmetal origin
Olga and Rok have been exploiting the potential of 3Dprinting, and of course dipping into 3Dmetal printing as well, to develop their stunning creations.

“3Dmetal printing allows you to produce intricate things, that would be usually made by hand, but really really fast. What you gain then is time to discover, time to develop, time to explore. Once the item is designed out you can turn it, change it, you can fix it really quick. It’s fun to play around with, something new.”

This technology fits their production needs, thus being able to supply few pieces with basically no stock management, not mentioning the precision of details reachable in comparison with 3Dprinting using alternative materials. Designing 3Dmetal is an incredible opportunity for every designer; being able to connect globally and share experiences and know-how is an invaluable resource that must be exploited in today’s digital world, to be able to provide the best results and better approach the technology itself.

“Going out of your comfort zone is the point of it, doing something different, and it’s inspiring because you push yourself and really get into it. In the future we would like to see designers experimenting more, not just simplifing the things that they already know: a 3Dmetal printer is just there ready to obey.”


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