Service Centers: the access points to Additive Technologies.


We are right out of the convention “Service Centers: the access points to Additive Technologies” held in Milan today by AITA (Italian Association of Additive Technologies).

In the last few years Additive Technologies have been one of the most radical innovation within the manufacturing landscape. To be fully exploited such an innovation needs appropriate investments and, above anything else, an operative background that is not always easily settable.

In this environment Service Centers are then rising as of highly important and appreciated supports, to allow the adjustment of products and procedures to the Additive Technologies (and to be able to appreciate the degrees of freedom they offer), step by step.

Through Service Centers Small-Medium companies, and companies that are just approaching  the technology (and that have not enough volumes or resources to go for a purchase), can enjoy the new productive paradigms while taking advantage of the knowledge the Centers had previously gained in terms of design and product engineering.

Providing you a summary of the many things that have been said today would be unfairly reductive, that’s why we prefer to give you an insight by listing the essence we got from every single speaker:

Andrea Sandi, Efesto Lab srl “Additive Technologies need to be understood and accepted with the new perspective they offer in manufacturing. As a service, everyday we receive requests from customers that have not fully understand what it can be reached through this technology, and just expect it to be a substitute of another traditional technique.”

Emanuele D’Addario, Energy Group srl “Every single project can be re-designed or fixed on the spot but our ultimate target is teaching something to the clients every time, so that they rely on our service but become totally independent in the design phase.”

Filippo Montanari, Materialise “If until nowadays we could only think about limits in the series production using Additive Technologies, with the new software developments we can overcome this obstacle to a certain extent, by setting a comprehensive environment that includes software and machines.”

Maurizio Vedani, Politecnico di Milano “At this stage Universities represent the kind of Service Center focused in developing one of the most important asset for this new technology: the know-how.”

Roberto Saponelli, Protesa spa “Multidisciplinarity is key in this business, through this technologies we can approach from different perspective each and every request coming from the client, thus being able to adapt and satisfy its needs.”

Marco Giuliato, Protomaker srl “Through Service Centers you can easily access many materials and many Additive Technologies without having to deal with the burden of initial expenses.”

Andrea Invernizzi, Skorpion Engineering srl “Touch your idea.”

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