Precious metal 3D printing on stage at T-Gold 2017

T-GOLD is an international trade fair dedicated to the finest Jewellery machines. Sisma stood out in the 2017 edition with a complete line-up of cutting edge products for precious metal 3D printing. Larger than ever, Sisma’s booth was located in a strategic location at the entrance of T-GOLD’s main hall.

A great line-up for Sisma
Many visitors from all over the world were attracted by the company’s exhibition space, assisted by a highly qualified staff. Jewellery chain machines, laser welding / marking systems and even Sisma’s advanced 3D printers were available for tests. Sisma offers two different ranges of 3D printers. MYSINT 100 PM is based on Laser Metal Fusion techonology and is able to print complex metal objects. MYREV 100 is a groundbreaking 3D printer for castable and directly rubber mouldable resins with a patented system based on three revolving platforms.

MYSINT capabilities are constantly growing
The development of MYSINT 100 PM proceeds with excellent results. Valuable partners like Nuovi Gioielli are helping Sisma expanding MYSINT’s capabilities. This dynamic company from Bassano del Grappa has a strong, innovative spirit and provides beautiful projects that Sisma’s machine transforms into reality. The new samples exposed during T-GOLD 2017 attracted a lot of attention thanks to innovative design solutions, both original and elegant. The unique features of MYSINT 100 PM, specifically designed for the Jewellery sector, allow the realization of high complexity jewels and prototypes.

New metals, new possibilities
In addition, experiments on different precious metals continue to deliver concrete results. MYSINT 100 PM is capable of producing 3D printed jewels in rose gold, white gold, silver and platinum.

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