Technology Hub Milan 2016

Blooming 3D Milan

Milan has been such a blooming ground for Metal Additive Manufacturing this spring. We found some more Sisma + Autodesk collaboration going on during the Technology Hub 2016, after their partnership at the Milan Design Week 2016. The exhibition has taken place within the 3DPrint Hub, the main Italian event exclusively dedicated to professional 3D printing, which gathers the multiple application areas of this technology.

In booth B145 the process of digital creation has been beautifully displayed through the live possibility of discovering Autodesk’s Fusion 360, taken over by Sisma’s mysint 100 Laser Metal Fusion 3D Printer and culminating with the disclosure of bronze, silver and gold unique designs and many other applications of the technology in steel, cobalt chrome and titanium.

If you didn’t have the chance to visit Autodesk and Sisma at the Technology Hub 2016, enjoy some of the shots we took and get ready for the next great event that is coming up in Milan, once again.
This June the 29th feel free to join Autodesk and Sisma in “the Future of Making” to discover what’s next in Additive Manufacturing (Fondazione Catella, Milan).

Invito the Future of making v2

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