The University of Bologna goes 3D metal.

fondazione aldini valeriani

At the multipurpose hall of Fondazione Aldini Valeriani in Bologna, during the meeting “The additive manufacturing of metal components: current status and perspectives of its applications”, Sisma Spa and the University of Bologna presented their new collaboration.
Recognizing their leadership skills in the manufacturing equipments, Sisma, and research center among the most active in the use of industrial lasers, the University of Bologna, the collaboration aims to create the technological culture necessary to spread more and more the additive manufacturing in the world of manufacturing companies.

Within this collaboration, Sisma installed at the laboratories of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DIN) in Bologna a mysint100 in order to create a service center for all the companies interested in developing projects of new components created with the Laser Metal Fusion technology.
The University of Bologna will contribute with its knowledge of the process, the equipment required for the mechanical and structural characterization and with some optimization techniques applied to the computer to redesign “additive” components.
“Gruppo Laser” is a dedicated team of  researchers (part of the DIN) that will take care of the mysint100.UniBo gruppo Laser
The collaboration aims to create the first national center focused on additive manufacturing technologies to support any company that can  submit its projects and have the availability of all the necessary assistance during the development of the project.

For more information you can contact Professor Alessandro Fortunato, University of Bologna.


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