Workshop “from the file to the product”

On the 27th of October, in the picturesque setting of the ex woolen mill Conte, in the heart of Schio, took place the workshop “From the file to the product”, entirely dedicated to the Additive Manufacturing. This sector, strongly growing, is revealed day by day as more and more strategic and fully integrated in the production chain. The event was conceived and organized by Confindustria Vicenza and was attended by Massimo Carboniero (President of the Mechanics, Metallurgy and Electronics Section of Confindustria) and Laura Dalla Vecchia (Vice-president of the  Mechanics, Metallurgy and Electronics Section of Confindustria). Among the many, local institutions as Valter Orsi, mayor of Schio, have been attending the event, together with the press as the journalist Davide Sher, who moderated through the day, offering his perspective on AM technologies with a dedicated introduction on what this is all about.The day saw the participation of representatives from some of the major Italian companies operating in the Additive Manufacturing.

Luigi Dall’Igna, General Manager of Ducati Corse, kicked it off just beautifully, bringing his experience in Ducati as the real context where technological innovation meets the needs of outstanding. In a room packed to the last seat, the audience of entrepreneurs from all over Italy followed then with vivid interest the insights offered by Dino Micheletto, CEO of Sisma Group, Maurizio Costabeber, General Manager of DWS Systems and Paolo Gennaro, Additive Manufacturing Product Leader of Avio Aero.

More guests took part to the conversation late in the afternoon, during a round table on the topic “The overcoming of the Additive Manufacturing. Are the rules of competition between companies changing?”. Attendees have been of the likes of Enrico Annacondia, Technical Director of the Italian Association of Additive Technologies, Sergio Cavalieri, Professor at the University of Bergamo, Cristina Mollis, H-Farm Industries, René Kreissl, General Manager of Trumpf-Sisma and Patrizio Salice, Novamont project BIT3G.

“From the file to the product” has been an important occasion to witness the great interest and attention of the small and medium-sized enterprises toward the Additive Manufacturing, and the real possibilities that are available already today to fit it in the company’s work flow.

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